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We do both tarring and paving and you can have either or both of these services incorporated into your landscaping contract with us.  We also offer these service as stand-alone options.


This is a highly technical job and if it not done properly right from the outset, your tarred surface will not last.  Repairs are costly and while we always strive to keep our prices low, we do not compromise on long lasting quality.  We take great care throughout to ensure that the surface we give you has the maximum lifespan.

We give you free advice beforehand to ensure that you get value for your money through a surface which lasts.

Contact us for the following tarring related services:

  • Driveway tarring.
  • Path and walkway tarring.
  • Rejuvenating of old tar with slurry seal.
  • Tarring of patios and recreational areas.
  • Repair of cracks in tarred surfaces.


Paving is so commonplace that we walk and drive over it without even really noticing it. Damaged and uneven paving, on the other hand, is instantly noticed.  The main cause of paving becoming damaged or uneven, is poor preparation of the bed on which the pavers are laid.  Whether we install new paving or repair damaged areas, we always ensure that the paving is laid on a properly prepared bed.

We any area and give you a choice of pavers, colours, patterns and types.  For new paving, we give you free advice beforehand.

Contact us for any of the following:

  • Brick paving.
  • Pebble paving.
  • Slab paving.
  • Flagstone paving.
  • Interlocking paving.
  • New paving.
  • Repair of damaged paving.
  • Repair and leveling of uneven paving.
  • Paving of pool decks.
  • Patio paving.
  • Driveway paving.
  • Walkway paving.
  • Entrance paving.